Sunday, July 31, 2016

Five DIYs to Try

This Thursday my mom and younger sister are coming over for a little sleepover. While they're over I thought we'd do something other than what we usually do when we get together (shopping lol) and do some DIYs. I love crafting and anything do it yourself and I think my mom and sister will enjoy it too. Plus, we're going to eat sweets and watch movies. I'm really looking forward to it. :) Here are some DIYs I thought looked really lovely and fun :)

How cute are these cupcake toppers!?

These sleep masks are too cute. They'd make such great gifts for mamas!

Gotta love a good washi tape DIY. These easy washi tape wrapped pencils are so lovely.

The Green Highchair

Recently our neighbors gave us this lovely hand made green high chair that a friend of theirs made years ago. I think they had used it for their granddaughter when she was a baby. I've always wanted a wooden vintage-like highchair so I'm just pleased as punch that they gave it to us for John to use. I'm thinking of sanding it down and repainting it white, but I'm still on the fence. We're planning on painting our now maple table white so maybe once we do that I'll do the high chair to match. I've honestly got a list of things I want to paint white. :)

I've loved having a high chair (I was using a Bumbo) to feed John in, and I've also really loved it for when I'm making dinner so I don't have to worry about him getting into any trouble. I just give him a toy or teether right out of the freezer and he's good. For a while anyhow! :) I'm thinking he's ready for some baby puffs snacks because he's getting more and more teeth so snacks he can chew should be in his near future. He's got four as of right now and more pushing through. My baby boy is growing so fast! In fact in only a few days he'll be an eight month old.

Alright, so what do we think. Paint the highchair white or leave it green? Let me know! :)

Thursday, June 30, 2016

John David at 6 Months Old

Hi friends! I thought I'd pop in and write about my little man John who is almost a seven month old! How on earth does time go by so quickly? I honestly can't believe it. Seems like just yesterday I was holding a newborn. Even though I miss that stage I'm also absolutely loving this stage. He's at the stage where he's so fun. In the last few days he gone from the army man crawl to an actual crawling on all fours. He's also sitting up on his own which is so fun to see!! I have loved watching him learn new things and every month he learns more and more. Human life and progression is truly amazing and to watch it first hand is so special to me.

Last week we finally bought a play pen since of course he gets into everything. It really comes in handy for when you're in the kitchen cooking or in another room and can't keep your eye on them. It's funny how outlets and cords are so much more fascinating to a baby than a toy. I feel so much better knowing he can't get into trouble when he's in the play pen. Huge lifesaver. That and the exersaucer. He loves that. The one we have has a lion hand puppet on it that makes him crack up. It's super cute. He especially likes it when I pretend to have it talk to him. :)

This month we also starting giving him solids after his 6 month check up. So far he's had carrots, sweet potatoes, winter squash, apples, apricot, pears, watermelon, blueberries and oatmeal cereal. He has liked everything we've given him so far. It's been so fun having him try new things. The faces he makes are just too cute. Especially the first time we gave him fruit. He liked the sweetness. :) Boy after my own heart for sure.

Being a mama has been something I've always wanted ever since I was a little girl. I am so happy and I'm so very thankful for my sweet baby boy. Here's to 5 more! ;) lol I think my husband would have a heart attack. He says two more kiddos, but I say three. Four kiddos would be my perfect number, but we'll see! :)

PS Aren't John's eyes just the prettiest shade of blue? Whenever we're out and about people always comment on how pretty they are. Also, how happy of a guy he is. I'm one lucky mama! :)