Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pregnancy Favorites

I'm finally in the last few days before I'm due to have my baby and I thought it would be good time to write about some of my favorite things throughout this pregnancy. This is my first pregnancy so while it wasn't the easiest of pregnancies it wasn't the worst of them either. Nothing truly made me feel 100% better, especially during my 1st trimester. Here are some of the things that have helped me along this nine month journey. 

With all of the nausea I've had, popsicles have definitely been my friend whenever I wasn't feeling well. It wasn't the cure all to nausea, but they would definitely get my mind off of it for a while. Plus, my sweet tooth loved me for it ;)

Lush Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion
Not only is this my favorite lotion when I'm not pregnant, but it's also been a wonderful cream to rub on my belly when I am pregnant. For a while when my belly was stretching it was getting really dry and itching and applying this lotion helped tremendously. It's also really good for anyone with eczema because of the oat milk and lavender in it.

Tumbler & Water
I know water is good for you in every day life, but boy has it been ever so helpful through pregnancy. Besides the fact that it adds to my number of trips to the bathroom it's been what has helped me through the nausea & dizziness.  I also found that I drink a lot more water when it's in a tumbler with a straw and not in a regular glass.  Something about that straw, I tell you.

Vitafusion PreNatal Gummy Vitamins
Early on in pregnancy when my nausea was the worst I had a hard time swallowing the big prenatal vitamins. Every time I'd try and take it, it would make me dry heave. Gross. Thus, comes in the gummy vitamins. So easy and so tasty. I recommend buying a big bag of gummy bears too or else you'll end up wanting to eat more than the recommended vitamins. It's not easy just having one.

BeMaternity Leggings
I found that maternity dresses come really long (I'm 5'1) and some maternity jeans either make your butt look bad or are just plain uncomfortable. These leggings have been really comfortable and have fit throughout my pregnancy. They have definitely been my go to pants.

Baby Center My Pregnancy App
When I first found out I was preganant it was so exciting setting up this app and reading the weekly update about my little man's changes and growths. Things like seeing what veggie/fruit he's being compared to has been really fun. They also have tips and lots of information for every day of the week.

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