Thursday, March 31, 2016

An Egg-cellent Weekend

Hi friends! I thought I'd pop in and write about my weekend. This past weekend was Easter weekend and what a wonderful weekend it was. On Saturday my husband and I took John on a stroll around our neighborhood. It was such a beautiful day that we couldn't not get out of the house. On our walk we met some lovely women in town. The first was a new first time mom such as myself. Her son was born just a week before John was. I've been wanting to meet some mamas around town so I was really pleased to meet her :) and how neat our boys are so close in age! We ended up exchanging phone numbers so hopefully sometime soon we'll have a baby date. :)

There's this really lovely shop in my town (I'm drawing a blank on the name right now) with handmade and natural candles, body butters, scrubs etc. We met the owner Julie (loved her name! ;) hehe) who was so sweet. Sadly we didn't bring our wallets on our walk with us so I couldn't buy any of her lovely items but I'm definitely going to.

On Easter Sunday we had a relaxing day together in the comfort of our home. It seemed everyone was doing something or other that day, but we didn't mind. Next year we plan to do something fun because John will be walking and able to do an Easter egg hunt, but this Easter Matt had some work to catch up on and I just played dress up with John and took some cute pictures of him with the egg garland I bought from good ol' Target. You seriously can't beat their holiday decorations.

Isn't he just a cutie? I seriously can't help myself when it comes to taking pictures of him. My mom called him my little model. He'll thank me when he's older right? :)

All in all it was a great weekend. Or shall I say egg-cellent. ;) Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend. Even if it was just spent at home taking pictures of your almost four month old. xx

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