Saturday, April 30, 2016

Spring + Summer Bucket List

I am so happy because this is my first spring and summer as a mommy! John is going to be five months in just six days. Time is just flying by, but I do look forward to taking my boy places this summer even if he'll never remember these memories. My husband and I will and that's what really matters. Plus, he'll have pictures to see when he's older! 

Here are some of the things I'd like to do/get done during spring and summer this year.

  • My husband and I want to start out first garden. His goal is to build two planter boxes and we're thinking strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes and a few other veggies for our garden.
  • Plant flowers in our front yard around the house. 
  • Spring cleaning! Mainly the kitchen and bathroom. Any takers? ;)
  • Go on a picnic(s). I haven't done a picnic in so long and we seriously have so many picnic baskets that are just begging to be used. 
  • I'm in need of summer dresses. Ideally I'd love to get two or three new dresses. Target and Old Navy are my go to's.
  • Go to the beach!
  • Swimming at the town pool. I already have the cutest little swim trunks for John! Baby Gap has the cutest things for little ones.
  • Pilates. I haven't really exercised since having John in December and I used to love doing Pilates so I'd love to get back into it. Especially if I can do it outdoors. 
  • Watch fireworks on the 4th of July.
  • Try new recipes like summer salads and cocktails!!
  • We just got word from my mother in law that she got a cabin for us in Sun River, Oregon. Matt's family does a reunion there every summer and they didn't have it last year so I'm excited to see everyone and have them meet John as well. :)
  • Plan a trip to Reno, Nevada for our wedding anniversary. Matt and I got married there almost two years ago in July so it has a special place in our hearts. We love seeing the shows and the food. The Buffet in the El Dorado is so good. We definitely recommend it! 

Cheers to a warm and wonderful spring and summer seasons! :) What are your plans? x 

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