Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Current Beauty Favorites

Hi friends! I love reading about what products other people are using and loving so today I thought I'd put together a few of my current beauty favorites and even one baby favorite that I've been using on John. :)

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer
I don't really like the feeling of sunscreen on my face so having a moisturizer with SPF is a no brainer for someone like me. And with the sun showing it's face at a whopping 90+ degrees it's important to wear sunscreen. This moisturizer is not only nice because of the SPF, but it's lightweight and blends in nicely.

Honest Shampoo + Body Wash in Sweet Orange Vanilla
We have been loving using this two in one shampoo and body wash on John. It's light and gentle on his sensitive skin. Also, bonus points that it smells exactly like an orange creamsicle. He smells so yummy after bath time that I just want to eat him up!! :)

OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender
Being a mama I feel like I don't have time to paint my fingernails because of the whole drying waiting for them to try. Once I've painted my nails the baby ends up waking up from his nap and somehow they get smudged of scuffed. I've found that painting my toes has been a whole lot easier and since I don't pick up my baby with my feet I don't have to worry about them smudging. Plus, it's sandal season so it's perfect! Also, this color looks really lovely in the summer.

Lush Brazilliant Shampoo Bar
Lush shampoo bars are some of my favorites because they're easy to use, great to travel with and work really well. This one in particular is good for curly hair which is what I have and it's also supposed to be strengthening which is also something I need with all this postpartum hair loss. My hair feels healthy and soft after every wash. My husband also really loves the smell of it because he compliments me every time I use it.

What are some beauty products you've been loving?? xx

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